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3rd Project of Part 2: "Into the wild"

  • 11/01/18
  • Monday 08/01/18
  • Thursday 05/01/18

 2nd Project of Part 2: "Child"

  • Thursday 07/12/17
  • Tuesday 05/12/17
  • Monday 04/12/17

1st Project of Part 2: "Vessels"

  • THURSDAY 30/11/17
  • TUESDAY 28/11/17
  • MONDAY  27/11/17
  • Tuesday 21/11/17
  • Monday 20/11/17
  • Thursday 16/11/17
  • a stone
  • a single stem of Gypsophila



Images in research = ***



Today was a self-directed study.
I already made the model of chair, which as I said before I really liked. The only problem was that this morning the workshop didn't entirely work so I focused on doing the metal strings in my "space" ? "furniture assemblage"?
Anyways, once I finished doing this which was pretty easy ( only had to screw some holes in multiple places) I didn't have anything to do. So I did some research: put my primary R into workflow and do some secondary research. I also printed some of my research and put it in my sketchbook.
The afternoon I went to the workshop which was finalllllllyyyy working. I had to do my cylinder shaped chair. It was actually more difficult than I expected. I decided to change the technic for my 2nd chair too not sand the hole but carve it. It was super fun to do and went much quicker but not as net as the other one.
I finished the day by Gluing all the part together and cutting the plastic that is gonna be the upper window.


This morning was the crit for the vessels project, this time I had my final product and my some simile of my design sheets. Unfortunately, I was not able to found a stone "pavé in time to insert it my final product. I had a lot more review than the other crit. But to be honest I felt as my product was not enough or well idk lol flemme d'ecrire. /////////
This afternoon we continued the new project. We did a huge brainstorming, here are the categories that stood out for me. In the category User groups, I am interested in child and parents and their dynamic I love how these categories are always together even though their need is opposite. One needs a distraction and a playground whereas the other is in need of a place to rest and watch the kids. I am also interested in doing something designed for artists and poets or even bird watchers. I wanna design something for lovers, to express those emotive responses of going to outdoor: romance, adventure, at peace, melancholic and nostalgia.
Then we did an exercise when we had to sketch in 3 min in a response to a theme/material etc.
This kind of exercise again is not a problem to me as I found easily multiple designs. I work well quickly and efficiently. The only problem is that after my 15 different designs I didn't know which one to chose. I can't choose between my furniture armchair like benches family friendly made of stumps. I couple this idea with a design of a moving bench that serves as a playing stuff for kids.
I feel like this project is too safe. Too easy? I really want to do something romantic not just for the families..




This morning was the crit for the Toy Project£. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the right final product and I didn't do my A2 sheets yet. So I didn't get a lot of feedback besides 1 post-it: " The research and the sketches are lovely, I like the wait you sketch and also the brainstorm is very clear. (...)". 
So nothing that I didn't know: my strength is definitely my sketching and my capacity to convey ideas and my process. And my main flaw is obviously my non-capacity to finish something that I started. I could say that it's because we never have time between project but I know that it's an excuse, I am just like that.
Let's say 2018, new year new me. All my last project will be finished for the last crit.

Then we had a brief brief on our new "INTO THE WILD".
We spend the afternoon in the park.
( see the pictures that I took there and my sketchbook)


reflection on our afternoon in the park


sketches in the park


picutres of the wood

Thursday 07/12/17

I spent the day in the workshop working on my 2 designs.


Tuesday 05/12/17

So today we had to come up with at least 5 different design for the child project. I did it because I had to do it, but I felt like it was a waste of time. We only had 3 days for this project and 2 mornings of it were taken away by some lectures.
Working on another idea, one design really interested me. It was kind of a twist to an old toy. The one where u got a stick and u have to put a circular colourful shape on it. I thought of doing it for an older child, where u could actually build different tree and tree house. With its smooth and trendy colour, again this design would be able to be placed in the living room amount adult stuff. The organic shape of the round things would be a challenge to carve in the wood workshop but I found myself recently longing to go there. I really like working with wood and especially when I have to carve and sculpt. Since I couldn’t decide between the 2 project ‘ dollhouse and tree ) I decided to go to the workshop and do both.
I decided to use the same wood for both, the one that is super thin and malleable. The ugly colour of this wood didn’t really bother since I knew that i was going to paint over it.


Monday 04/12/17

We started the day with a presentation of the project, the goals and how to do our design sheets. We then did an exercise with some related to childhood objects that the tutors brought in. In my « creative play » table, we had 3 objects that in 3 separate group, described analyse and discovered. (Cf. pictures of the sketchbook) We had been told that this exercise was actually something called // . I feel like this type of exercise may work for others, but doing it, I just felt like I was treated as dumb. It was interesting to have those « pre-written » questions, it made the goal of the exercise clearer, but to do it in a group was not helpful. I think that it didn’t teach me anything new, or did not help me in any way to understand something that I could have to understand without it.
I feel like the answers that they were looking for were so easy to found that the doing of the exercise itself is just a wasting of time.

We then put in common of our objects, talked about the results of our « research » and talked about the implication of creative play. We came up with 6 subcategories in creative play: Games and Puzzles, Building, Painting/Drawings, Roleplay and Music. We also said that it was usually time-consuming, to do with a parental advisory for the smaller kids, and developed creativity.

/see sketchbook pictures/

After a brainstorming with the class about childhood and its toy, 3 "values" sparkled my attention. The Creativity, the gender neutrality and the expression of the identity of children are what I value the most in the education of a child. Sustainability and spatial perception coming right after.
As for Social Skills, i don’t think that it especially need to be taught by toys, or even that it’s okay for a child to be played by themselves as it emphasizes their capacity to create. Moreover, about growing up, it's really something that should come from the teenager and not from the parents.
Anyways, I already know that I want my product to be for 5_10years old.

So first design I came up with was a dollhouse that had interchangeable walls and that could transform into a car or a rocket to mix the gender stereotype of a girl with a dollhouse and a boy with a car. I think that this project was not as "art and craft" as it should have been. I had to come up with a design that would allow the child more construction. I decided to go with a doll house where the wall would be made with strings, those strings would be placed by the children themself. The design was made in a way that the construction was done, could be placed in the living room due to lack of places in the child room.


Thursday 30/11/17


Tuesday 28/11/17


Ceramics and Differents Design

Monday 27/11/17


Tuesday 21/11/17

We spent today at the CSM Kings Cross building to do our ceramic objects. And I hated it. I am deeply disappointed in myself for not being able to do this. But I am too messy and not a perfectionist. The results were badly executed and I can just pray that the glaze will make them look neater but as for now my stuff just look like pres schooler art project. I wish I did a better job but I really feel like it's not for me, I really can't do precise little clean things. 


Monday 20/11/17

We started the day with a demonstration of slip casting. /see pictures/ It was mesmerizing to see the final product and how actually easy it was to mold the "green" I think it was called. It reassured me because now I know that even though we are not going to make the mold, we will be able to do be as creative as I would. Slip casting is not a restriction but a pretty good help.

Then we had to create multiple designs quickly and following certain instruction. It was kind of hard at the beginning but I eventually got the rhythm and did some cool different design. I think this exercise was a success for me because I didn't have in mind a final product and I just let my mind wonder thought different options. This exercise made me actually realize the importance of the 2nd and complemental material, that I had, I admit, forgotten.
I still focused my design on 3 different aspects of the stone, that I felt were the most interesting: the revolution symbol***, the Energy/mystic aura***, and its "natural" nature mixed with playful children twist.
At the end of the day ( after some orientation/College/UCAS talk) we had to make our mind on our final product. My choice was evident, from the beginning of the project the "Mai 68"*** aspect of the stone really interested me. I had design previously an Ashtrail that was related to it. Thinking about it more, I realized that the ash trail was actually a perfect object to represent the youth movement and even more the Parisian lifestyle***. From my own experience, I can't even tell how much time I spent at terraces of café and how much money I spent too. I think that in my last year of High School there was not a day spent without going there with my friends or by myself.
What is also interesting about the ash trail is its place on the table. Always in the center, the center of the conversation.
Moreover, what an old object. My grandfather ash trail*** is one of my most precious possession, and he actually had since its youth, which he spent protesting on the street of may 68.
Anyway, I changed the first initial design because of its impracticality. /see pictures/ I came up with another design but this time I didn't really like the look of it, it didn't seem right. At the end of the day, in the last effort, I tried something a bit more sculptural that I still need to work on a bit but I kinda like it. I like its conceptual look, with the Pavé standing on one side and the wood and ceramics sphere on the other. But I really like the metal and the stone from the other metal, so I might try to found a way to put it into the new design. After talking with the Tutor, I realized that today was all about experimenting and that I'll be able to try a few different design. I can not wait.


Slip casting process:
Aim for 3min wall thickness on casts.
Leave slip in moulds for 12 mins to start (test+leave for longer or shorter time as necessary)
Empty molds + return slip to blunger.
Leave mold upside down for 30 mins.
Open mold after about 1 hour (smaller / open mold are much quicker)
Keep molds together after use.
Experiment with samller molds to gain confidence as it's quicker.
Keep work damp whicle working.
Initial work.

slip casting process + differents designs in my sketchbook

Thursday 16/11/17

We began the day with an introduction to our 1st real Product Design Project. A very short one since we had to read previously the project brief.
We were split into 2 groups. I realized that we were not a lot in our class which was a relief. It will be good for everyone, we ‘ll be able to have more time with tutors etc.
So in the morning, we went to the clay workshop to see how to cast a mold. I never did such a thing, nor worked with plaster, so it was really interesting for me to see the process./see pictures/ I actually had more fun than I learned. There’s a lot of oof step to remember, and I really hope to not forget one of them for the D day.
Talking with the tutor through the process made me realized that for our project we would have to use a pre-build mold. I thought it was a shame that we couldn't create our own base structure, but on the other hand, I realized that it’d make our project more interesting because I will have to push my creativity further.

In the afternoon, we did a "game" to really understand research and categorizing research. /see pictures/ To say that it was highly helpful would be a lie, but it was definitely interesting. A part of the game was to chose multiple items that fitted in a certain theme that we would find. I choose "self-organized object". All those objects had one way or another an impact on how we would use them, forcing the users to organized its content. After organizing every object in 4 different crossing categories, I realized that all my previous choices were in the affordable/everyday uses categories and in the grey area between modern and traditional. Actually, the majority of my object was made with common and cheap material and sometimes were even disposable. I think that the need organized especially food comes with the lack of money and the need to economise.
We then did some brainstorming. I had the item stone, which was interesting since I had already done some research about it. The tutor gave us a lot of instruction and categorize/things to think about for our item which was really helpful.The fact that the brainstorming was structured enabled me to explore a lot of different meaning for the stone. And with an example of an egg, I really understood the goal of this project. She focused on the particularity of an egg, how it is used to egg houses especially for Halloween. And then she tried to think of multiple designs that would represent or make the egg housing process easier. The project can be conceptual or practical which only understood that day. I'd really like to do something conceptual to differ with my last project that was really practical. I think I miss having the fine art aspect of my project, the conceptual aspect.






Mold making process

Research exercice

A Stone

The item stone really appealed to me because of its raw nature. I immediately thought of the revolution of Stonewall, probably because of the name obviously.
It made me think of the stone as the weapon of the poor, the weapon of revolution, of riots. I made the linked with the French youth revolution of may 68 where the stones of the pavement were thrown to the police. Those stones are the real symbol of this riot month and are forever graved in the French Culture with the slogan " Under the pavement, the beach", because of sand that was under those street free weapon. Doing my brainstorming I realized that there was so much to say about stones, that I would never stop, and all those possibilities made me feel kind of overwhelmed. So I decided to stop with this aspect for now and to continue when I'll have more information about the project itself and what is really expected from us.


A single stem of Gypsophilia

The first thing I thought about with this flower is its uses for funerals. And as I did my research I found out that it was actually for weddings' bouquet. I was really disappointed in my discovery but thinking of it more, I found my mistake quite interesting. What makes a flower adequate for a funeral or wedding? this definitely a question that I will explore if I choose this as my final item.
I also realized that Gypsophila was a filler plant. So it's interesting to imagine by itself as the main flower. To emphasize this flower that is usually in the background. To do so, the recipient would have to be in a sort of way that the single stem is magnified. It interesting to look at a vase in painting because they were assembled especially for the flower in them. For example in Van Gogh most famous painting, the flower is the main subject, because the vase is minor.
In the contrary, in the project "Still Alive", Antonio Aricò emphasized the recipient, long forgotten in favor of the fruits that compose those so famous "Nature Morte". The work of Gorgio Morandi is also very significant for this project. He offers us "Natura Morte" paintings without their main subject: nature stuff. His minimalist approach is really beautiful and effective.



Looking at the designer from the main brief, some sparked my interest by the simplicity yet efficiency of their work. Tonfisk Design***, Hella Jongerius*** and Ionna Vautrin***, those 3 remarkably well illustrate the brief. In their product, you can really see the juxtaposition of the ceramics and another material (wood, cotton strings, glass) and the result is very beautiful. I can't wait to work with ceramics I love how simple and still noble it is.



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